Make Money With Renovation Loans

333 Evergreen
$335,000 for 8 unit historic building in Palmer

Some of the best deals out there need work. They do not qualify for a loan because of the work that they need. So if you are trying to get a normal mortgage these properties are off your list. Most of the foreclosures listed here would need a renovation loan.

You can make money by getting the work done and then selling it for more than you have into it. You have to be careful with your purchase and careful with your work but the potential is certainly there. Or you can just buy a home that you intend to live in the same way, and fix it up the way you want it.

The loans are a little more complicated than a normal mortgage but open up properties that you otherwise cannot buy unless you have cash. Renovation loans are an option that most buyers and even most Realtors don’t consider…they should.

Alice Roe at Movement Mortgage has a couple very good flyers showing the process of a renovation loan.

Movement Renovation Loan Options

Movement reno loan process

These do not include an Alaska Housing Renovation Loan which is also worth considering to see which is best for you.

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