Is It Just A Hole In The Ground?

Wells in the Mat-Su Valley run the gamut from artesian water that is so pure it should be bottled and sold,to mucky stink holes that a dog won’t drink. Many new-comers to the valley assume that since the water in their home comes out of a tap, it must be good. This article will be the first in a series of articles discussing how to find out more about the water you drink.

The cities ofPalmer and Wasilla each have their own water systems, but these only serve people inside the city limits of each. In fact, the Wasilla system only serves some of the city residents. In addition, many of the developments in the Mat-Su Valley have their own community water systems. These city and community systems are regulated and required to test the water on a regular basis.

Most homes in the valley are served by private wells that serve only one house. There are no regulations requiring these wells to be monitored. The only time any testing is done is when the home changes hands, and that is usually a minimal test looking for bacteria contamination. There are many other contaminants that can be in your water that could affect your health. Arsenic and other metals can be found in valley wells. Nitrates and nitrites are sometimes there as well.

Never assume that you water is good to drink. Have it tested.

Mat-Su Test Lab at 9161 E Frontage Road in Palmer is one place that can do some tests.

Alaska Water Conditioning will do free tests for hardness to see if you need a water conditioner.

National Testing Laboratories in Michigan will do a much more complete test for you.

Give us a call here at Valley Market Real Estate for more questions on wells. Or just watch our website for more well information.