New Land Use Restrictions on Mat-Su Streams

The borough presented a proposed ordinance at the planning commission meeting yesterday that would restrict land use on salmon streams. It is called a Riparian Buffer . It will be added to Title 17

Depending on whether the use is residential, multi-family, or commercial there will be a no-disturb zone on your property 50 feet to 100 feet from the high water line. This is not a set-back, this is a no disturb zone. You may not cut down trees, or disturb the roots of the plants in that zone. You will be able to clear up to 10 percent of the property to the creek. So if you have 150 feet of frontage you will have use of a 15 foot swath, the rest of it is taken by this ordinance.

If you know anyone who will be affected by this they should attend the next public meeting on it which is currently scheduled for May 16 at the borough.

You can read more about it here: