Warning…Use A Realtor!

Oh Oh !!

Oh Oh !!

Please forgive my little rant. But after this long day dealing with problems I feel entitled to it.

My crude drawing shows a little of what we have been dealing with today. There are at least 7 or 8 set-back violations on this hypothetical as-built survey. Most of these are major problems that will not go away easily. Depending on when this house was built they may not go away at all. You can guarantee that these will be expensive. Some of them may prevent the house from ever selling at all.

Today we have been dealing with most of these problems, in addition to other ones. Not all on one property, but today it seems like every file had at least one big, preventable issue. The people who have these problems got into them without using a Realtor.

That is not to say a Realtor would have certainly prevented these, there are incompetent Realtors out there like there are incompetent people in any profession. But an experienced Realtor would have at least warned the buyers of these houses about the problems before they purchased them.

Thats right, these problems were not caused by the current owners. The current owners bought the problems along with the property, without using a Realtor. Using a Realtor the chances of getting into these problems would have been extremely small.