Prevent Fires, Clean Your Chimney

Chimneys R Us

Chimneys R Us

Many of us in the Valley heat with wood or supplement our heating needs with a wood stove. Wood stoves and chimneys need maintenance to be used safely.

As we enter into winter we always have a rash of chimney fires, many of these can cause the complete loss of your home or even a life. Usually these fires can be prevented by keeping your chimney clean.

We lost our house to a chimney fire when I was a kid so I know it isn’t something to take lightly. Our house burned flat to the ground in just a few hours. Thankfully our family got out safely, but that’s about all that got out.

Now is the time to clean your chimney, don’t wait until after you have a fire.

David Hale of Chimneys R Us dropped off some coupons at my office. They are free for the taking, just stop by 545 S Alaska Street in Palmer.