Lower Our National Debt, Buy Sutton 80 Acres

80 Acres In Sutton

80 Acres In Sutton

Here is your chance to lower our national debt.  General Services Administration has an 80 acre parcel for sale just off Kings River near Sutton.  See the quote below:

“Two private citizens donated this property to the U.S. for the specific purpose of helping to pay down the public debt and proceeds of this sale will be applied directly to the public debt.”

This looks like a nice parcel with a great view of Kings River and the Talkeetna Mountains. Click on GSA Auctions for more info. You will need to follow the links from the real estate tab.

If you are looking for any other land up that way, give us a call, my cell is 232-7900, and Jay’s is 232-4852. The area from Palmer to the Matanuska Glacier is our old stomping grounds so we know it pretty well.