Silver Creek Springs Palmer, AK

silver creek2012Silver Creek Springs is a nice place to live.

It’s quiet, comfortable & convenient. There are still woods adorning most front lawns and it invites quiet walks and bike rides. Colony Middle School (grades 6-8) & Colony High School are adjacent to each other and are directly across the street. Yet, the large landscape and spacious homes within the subdivision still give you a sense of solitude and privacy.

And for me, living in front of the Colony Schools is necessary to getting there on time (since school starts early at 7:45 am); especially since I’m not allowed to have coffee when my mother’s around.

Silver Creek Springs is where the Far Country Animal Hospital is, so we just walk there when our dogs get sick. But more often than not we go there because our dogs prefer it more than our house. Overall the best thing I like about our location is the quiet, majestic solitude.

–J.A. Smith