Vote Today For Bryan Scoresby and Marvin Yoder For MEA

MEA Ballot

MEA Ballot

You should have received your ballot for the Matanuska Electric Association board election. It looks like the picture on the left. If so, you have no reason not to vote. This is a very important election and if you like electricity, you should vote.

The next few years for MEA are extremely important. We are in the middle of a project to produce our own electricily using some huge internal combustion engines. These are traditional internal combustion engines like you have in your car, only they are monster sized. They will hopefully run off of natural gas and produce enough power so that we all will see the light when we flip the switch.

I’m not qualified to make judgments about the wisdom of using this type of a system for our primary power supply but I know a couple people who are and they happen to be running for the board. Please vote for Marvin Yoder and Bryan Scoresby. They are competent, qualified leaders who will look out for our best interests.

So don’t hesitate, take out that ballot and vote today.