Moisture Is a Problem

?? Mold ??

?? Mold ??

Each week I notice many building deficiencies that could have been avoided if the builder had just taken a little care during construction. Almost always the problem is obvious. Perhaps it’s a lack of ventilation in an attic that causes condensation to run down to the eves, or maybe there isn’t enough insulation in a corner.

The photo above from a house we looked at last week has me a little puzzled. The dark stains match where the trusses meet the wall. There are dark stains like this all along the north wall and no stains at all along the south wall.

Usually I would assume that the stains are a result of poor insulation in that location that caused moisture to condense in that area and encouraged the growth of mold. But I have not seen anything this bad before at the trusses, and the fact that it’s only on one side of the house and not the other has me a little confused.

Any thoughts?