Dip Netting On The Kenai

I’ve been so busy this summer that I haven’t had a chance to go fishing at all. Usually by this time I have some fish in the freezer. So when Larry Ficek called and said there might be room on his boat I told my son Gerrit that we were leaving at 5AM.

It was a beautiful day in Kenai, the sun was out, the fish were jumping in the river, and everyone in Alaska that owns a boat was there. When I arrived at the boat launch there were at least 40 trucks towing boats on trailers waiting in line to join the hundreds already in the water.

Thankfully, Larry’s boat was already in the river so we jumped aboard and he just put us in channel where we started dipping the fish into the boat. Ron Zmuda of Zmuda Realty was in the boat too and he was dipping them in faster than I was but it really didn’t matter, we caught plenty of fish.

Gerrit caught at least twice as many as I did, I blame it on my net.

So now, finally, the fish are in the freezer and I guess I don’t have to fish anymore this summer.