New Listings Come Out In Spring

entry waySpring has already begun…at least if all the new listings are any indication. So far this month 126 new residential homes have come on the market.

The median price of these homes is $237,000 which is pretty reasonable if you ask me.

Many buyers watch eagerly for each new listing. If it is even close to what they are looking for, they immediately set up a viewing and often will write an offer the same day. In fact, I wrote an offer today on a property that was listed this morning.

We are working with 8-10 serious buyers right now. These people are pre-qualified and raring to go. They have been looking at houses, getting familiar with the market and are ready to pounce when the right new listing hits the market.

If you are thinking about selling your house…don’t wait. Give me a call right now, my cell number is 907 232-7900. I will be happy to come out to your house and give you an realistic estimate of it’s current market value. I will also tell you how I will market your home and if you want…we can list it right then.

Check out the photo above of the entry way of a house we just put on the market today..isn’t that amazing? Here is the complete listing and our post about it on here. We take plenty of photos, do a narrated walk-through video and market it heavily on the internet. If a buyer is looking for a home like yours…believe me, they will know about it.

Pushing buyers from the other direction are interest rates. The chart on this page shows the market trends…notice how they are currently rising. All the turmoil in the middle east is bound to affect the bond markets, which in turn cause interest rates to rise or fall. I have given up trying to predict which way they will go, but there is no question that they are historically low right now.