365 Things To Do In The Mat-Su #2

Iditarod Race

Iditarod Race

We started this last week and I can see that we will have well over 365 things to do in the Mat-Su before very long:

Here we are so far:

Warning, some of these may be dangerous, try at your own risk. Is it even legal to catch fish with your bare hands?

1. Go Cross Country Skiing at Hatcher Pass
2. Go Snowmachining at Willow
3. Fish at Eklutna Tailrace
4. Watch High School Basketball
5. Hunt rabbits by Trail Lake
6. Shop at gun shows
7. Watch the Iditarod
8. See the Reindeer Farm
9. Sledding at Crevasse Moraine Trails
10. Dirtbiking from your front door
11. Ice racing on Big Lake
12. Catch a show at Valley Preforming Arts
13. Skydiving off Fairview Loop
14. Bouncing Bears
15. Skate Park
16. Bonfire in the back yard
17. Mud-Bogging off Palmer Fishhook
18. Horse back riding on Baldy
19. Catch fish with your bare hands
20. Find Eska Falls
21. Find a short-cut to work using section line easements
22. Rent a sno-hawk
23. Canoe from Finger Lake to the Wasilla Police Station
24. Raft the Matanuska
25. Snowmachine water skipping, (wear a life jacket)
26. Ride the new bike path from Palmer to Bodenburg Loop
27. Play broom ball on Kepler Lake
28. Water Ski on all the lakes
29. Moose Dropping Festival in Talkeetna
30. Climb Lazy Mountain
31. Watch the start of the Iron Dog at Big Lake
32. Watch the start of the Iditarod in Willow
33. Visit the Matanuska Glacier
34. Watch a Mat-Su Miners baseball game
35. Visit Pyrah’s Pioneer Peak Farm
36. Four wheeling at Jim Creek
37. Palmer Friday Flings
38. Musk Ox Farm
39. Visit the Iditarod Headquarters
40. Snowboard at Hatcher Pass
41. Ice Skate on Wasilla Lake
42. Climb the Butte
43. Fish…of course. In almost every creek, river, and lake.
44. Colony Days
43. Colony Christmas
44. Alaska State Fair
45….Keep em coming. I’ll add them to next week’s post.

Now I need to make links for all these…whew!