Mat-Su Assembly Approves Motion For Strong Mayor

 Mat-Su Assembly

Mat-Su Assembly

After an extended discussion and public testimony the borough assembly approved Mark Ewing’s motion to put the question on the ballot.

The public testimony made it clear that the Conservative Patriots Group had a petition ready and signers chomping at the bit to sign it should the assembly turn it down. Several members who were not in favor of changing to a strong mayor form of government voted for the motion because they did not want to stand in the way of public sentiment.

These assembly members remembered what voting against the public did to incumbents in the last borough election. Both incumbents that voted for the sales tax were defeated in the last borough election. The ones who did not remember were reminded several times in a very pointed way by Mark Ewing who pushed hard for his motion.

Nevertheless, two assembly members still voted against the obvious public sentiment. Pete Houston and Jim Colver were the two who voted against the motion. Jim Colver was one who defeated an incumbent in the last election…and he ran as an “independent conservative”.