This Buyer Hit The Jackpot !

We just helped a buyer close on this brand new home with a fantastic loan. This buyer just happened to hit all the right qualifications for interest rate reductions. She ended up with a 4.375 fixed 30 year loan. AND she received $15,500 back after closing, AND she paid ZERO down.

The buyer qualified for the AHFC reduced interest rates for lower income buyers, and bought a 5 star plus home so qualified for another interest rate reduction. Comining the AHFC loan with a rural development loan provided the zero down payment. Since this was a first time home buyer they qualify for the $8,000 federal tax rebate. The new five star plus home also qualifies for a $7,500 energy rebate check from Alaska Housing.

Not only did she get this great loan and move in for Thanksgiving, she is in a five star home which means that she will have low energy costs for the whole time she lives in the property. Some of the special features of this home are a Heat Recovery Ventilation System, on demand water heater, and other standard features of a five star plus home.

Annemarie Weiland of Wells Fargo in Palmer did all the work on the loan. In order to get all the features this buyer received you would need to meet the same criteria, but who knows…you might hit the jackpot too.

Send me a note or give me a call at 907 232-7900 if you would like to find a good deal like this for yourself.

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