4147 S Gon Fishin Drive, Wasilla Alaska


The photo above was taken on August 12. It is the lot picked out by a member of our armed services currently deployed in Afganistan. Pacific North Construction is building a house for him on this lot. I will be documenting the building of the house so that he can keep track of the construction.

At least weekly we hope to put up short video clips so that he can watch his house being built. Of course, the rest of the world can watch as well.

This will be a 5 star plus energy rated home. It is 1,850 square feet with 4 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, a nice kitchen, fireplace in the living room and lots of upgrades. The base price on this house is $235,000. If you would like a house like this, or another quality home by Pacific North just give me a call at 907.232.7900 or email [email protected]

Feel free to click on the video links below:
8/13/2009 Nothing there but the culvert for the driveway.
8/15/2009 Driveway in, well in, and excavation begun.
9/5/2009 Framing up!
9/15/2009 Walls and 2nd floor in, as well as windows!
9/25/2009 Siding on!