MEA Election

Marvin Yoder Crystal Nygard

The Matanuska Electric Association Election is coming up soon. You should get your ballots in the mailbox in just a week or so. This year, more than any year that I can remember, it is important to vote in this election.

The MEA board made a decision in 2005 that they will no longer purchase their power from Chugach Electric and instead will produce their own power by 2014.. Since then there have been mostly power struggles, closed meetings, and petty arguments going on at the board level. We need serious, forward looking people to make some tough decisions on the board.

MEA recently purchased a parcel from the Eklutna Native Association on which to build a gas power plant. There are many uncertainties about how this will be done. We need people who are going to guide MEA during these next few critical years.

The photos at the top are of Marvin Yoder and Crystal Nygard. They are both very competent people who I am convinced will focus on the future of MEA, not on the petty arguments.

You can read more about them here:

  • Marvin Yoder
  • Crystal Nygard
  • Make sure to send in your ballot as soon as you receive it and vote for these two very qualified people.