Kevin Crozier On The Wasilla Real Estate Market

Wasilla Real Estate News is honored to publish a letter from Kevin Crozier to his clients.  This gives a little insight to the current market…and also announces a job opening if you are interested.

From: Kevin Crozier
Sent: Saturday, August 09, 2008 2:20 PM
To: Kevin Crozier
Subject: Two weeks later 

Some of you in my e-mail data base may have missed the first letter regarding home sales in the $400,000-$475,000 range.
The following may be of interest to you:

Last report on the $400,000 to $475,000 price range was July 26th.

Here we are two weeks later , Aug. 9th, and not much has changed.

There are 32 active listings in this price range, last time there were 37.  Since then, 3 listings were canceled and 2 expired.

There are 3 “pending sales” ; one of these is the same as last report.  One is from the “active listing group” that went under contract and one is a “ringer”  It is a listing with no days on the market that is being reported for “stats only”.  There are two new listings. 

In conversation with Craig Thorn, manager FNBA Wasilla, he reportedly stopped making most construction loans back in 2006.  He evidently saw this glut coming.  In 2007 there were 36 sales reported to MLS in this price range.  Best guess, it will remain flat for another year unless we see actual activity on the pipeline, prison, Costco and / or other major development. 

You can still help: Please keep us apprised of showings.  Make sure flyer box is full and “fresh”; please call my staff if you need fresh flyers.

Remain on guard: you never know when a buyer will want to see your home. Have patience; we hope this won’t last forever. 🙂  Recognize buyers are still very slow to commit to a home in this market; negative media press is not helping. 

One other thing, I am looking for a “Buyers Licensee” to replace Martin Snavley.  Martin has been wonderful to work with but he has decided to go back in to the plumbing field.  He has received an opportunity that he should not pass up.  If you know someone who is honest, ethical, good with people and would like to learn from an “old salty dog” ; that’s me 🙂 , please let me know. 

In spite of a slow real estate market in this price range, there are still lots of opportunities to learn, grow, have fun and make a buck now and then. 

Take care,


Kevin Crozier
RE/MAX of Wasilla