Fowler Oil And Gas Begins Work

Fowler start

Fowler Oil and Gas dropped off equipment at the Kircher Farm just off Trunk Road over the weekend to begin building the access to a drilling pad.  They plan to drill for coal bed methane on this site.

They will be using different drilling methods than those proposed by Evergreen Resources which was basically driven out of the valley four years ago.  The wells will be a minimum of 1000 feet deep and any there will be no water pumped to the surface.

There is huge potential for coal bed methane development here in the Mat-Su Borough.  Fowler has multiple future drill sites leased if this first one is encouraging.  Here’s hoping that Fowler can find enough gas to supply South-Central Alaska and even the rest of the state. 

Next thing you know we’ll be arguing about who is going to build a pipeline from Palmer to Chicago…OK, that might be stretching it a little.

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