Dead Moose…Free

MooseOnly in Alaska would you see an ad like this one…  I’m not sure that the ad is legit, or if it is legal to haul off a moose from someone’s yard.  But, it’s funny just the same.

And it’s not the only free moose on Craigslist.  April had another dead moose ad, in the sporting goods section for some reason.

This is the time of year to watch for newborn baby moose.  It’s also the time to stay away from the cow moose.  They will very aggressively defend their newborn calves.  After the calf is still hanging around a year later the cow has enough of them and tends to ignore them.  But if you mess with a newborn…watch out.

If you are planting trees in your yard this spring, you might take some thought to moose.  They love Mountain Ash, and Crab Apple trees.  I’m not sure what they won’t munch on, except evergreens.  But these big tree chompers can sure make landscaping in Alaska a challenge.  This moose in the photo was chewing on an Alder bush in my front yard just 2 weeks ago.  I haven’t seen them eat Cottonwood Trees, but who wants to plant Cottonwoods?