I Still Say It’s Spring in Palmer

Dave Johnson of Fishhook Realty questions my weather forecasting abilities in his comments on my last post officially announcing spring.  Look at them, the geese, cranes and ducks are still there under about 4 inches of fresh snow on the Palmer Experimental Farm fields.  It really is spring!













If that doesn’t mean it’s spring, I don’t know what does.  But I will admit that I’m glad I still have my studded tires on.  By the way, we are supposed to take our studded tires off by May 1.

I could barely see this flock of geese glide in for a landing through the snow.  They must be flying on instruments, no VFR for them.Geese landing  I’m always impressed by the amount of migratory birds that appear each spring. I haven’t seen the swallows yet.  They usually arrive right after the cranes.  Hopefully they don’t go off course in this snow storm. 

So, buck up, this has got to be the last snow fall of the year………doesn’t it????

You have to love living in the Mat-Su Valley, we are so close to Alaska…We get to see things like these two moose munching on the willows in my front yard Tuesday morning…when it still felt like spring.


geese in snow