More Mat-Su Businesses

There are many good business people in  Wasilla and Palmer. Most people here try to build their business the right way, by doing a good job for a fair price.  I thought I would add more people with whom I have had a positive experience.  Make sure not to miss my first post on good Mat-Su businesses.  Find it right here. 

Here are some more great local Mat-Su Businesses:

  • CAC Plastics 376–7111 These guys repair everything from boats to bathtubs and do a great job or it.
  • Clemmer Construction 746–4388  Remodelling, he is a pro at remodelling and innovative construction.
  • Fonov Construction 232–0212 Beautiful new construction houses.
  • Joseph Hale 355–7479 Sheetrock, Finish Work and Framing.
  • Ray’s Child Care , The best child care in the Valley
  • Charlene Moss 373–8161 Property Management.
  • Squeaky Clean House Cleaning 841–6839
  • Alaska Home Maintenance, George Rauscher. 745–4059. George does all kinds of construction work, but like log home maintenance the best.

That’s just a few more…I’ll add more later.

Feel free to call for names of businesses to help you here in the valley.  I’ll do my best to point you in the right direction.  907 232–7900 is my cell phone number.