Monday Morning Market Memo, Nov 19-26, 2007

Wasilla Real Estate News Statistics for the week of Nov 19–26, 2007

All the numbers took a drastic downturn this past Thanksgiving week.  There were only 8 new listings which is the lowest number since I started the Monday Market Memo last January.  I’m sure the holiday had a lot to do with this.  We will likely see slower activity between now and Christmas.

Average Price DOM
New 8 $232,005 .
Total Active 845 . .
Pending 14 $281,432 122
Closed 23 $204,107 52

As you would expect, pretty much all the new listings are houses that people have to sell for one reason or another.  They are moving in winter, losing their home, or just finished a spec home.   There still are quite a few buyers out there ready to look at new listings so a good house entering the market at this time of year will grab peoples attention.

The total amount of listings is also down and probably will continue to drop until January or February.