Cottonwood Shores, Wasilla Alaska

Cottonwood Shores is one of the largest subdivisions in the Mat-Su Borough. It is just east of Wasilla on the North shore of Cottonwood Lake. Click on the map to the left to get an idea of it?s location, or for a detail map with all the street names click here.

There are over 550 lots in this subdivision and most of them have houses on them. If you assume only 2 people per house that is more than 1000 people in this subdivision. That would make it larger than most of the towns in Alaska. Only 26 towns in Alaska have populations larger than 1,000.

Most of the houses were built in the late 1970s and early 1980s. The average price of the homes in Cottonwood Shores is about $180,000 which makes it a very affordable place to live. Most of the homes have at least 3 bedrooms and they are on 3/4ths of an acre or more. The homes along the lake are much more expensive and are also much larger.

Finger Lake Elementary School borders Cottonwood Shores on the East. Many students walk to school. The middle school and high school are both Colony Schools. The bus does come through the subdivision to pick up children.

Our family used to live in Cottonwood Shores and one of the most enjoyable things was to take the canoe out on the Cottonwood Lake. The lake is fairly large with Cottonwood Creek flowing in one side and out the other. Some nice wild rainbow trout are in this lake if you like to fish. Salmon also run through the lake in the summer but are not legal to fish for because they are spawning.

There are currently about 10 homes for sale in Cottonwood Shores. Give me a call if you would like to find out more about this great subdivision. My cell is 907 232?7900