Market Statistics for Wasilla, Palmer and the Matanuska-Susitna Borough

Here is the Monday Morning Market Memo…coming to you on a Monday evening.  We went camping this weekend and just got back around noon today.  I’m lucky to even get this out while it’s still Monday.

The big news this week is…the Total Active Inventory went DOWN !.  By a total of one house.  We listed more than we pended but quite a few houses came off the market this week by cancellations, and expireds as well.

     Average Price  DOM
 New 59 $266,499  
 Total Active 854 $304,731  102
 Pending  48 $252,507 97
 Closed  27 $230,032  89

Otherwise, everything is still remaining pretty steady.  The total pendings is up a little but not much.  The market is still moving with buyers obviously having the upper hand.

Looking at our personal inventory of listings, we had 4 houses pend last week.  They all pended at close to their asking price.  We are now doing inspections, and appraisals on these houses.  So we are plenty busy.

I’ve been getting a lot of inquiries about our new consulting options.  I had a call this week with someone exclaiming about how high another Realtor’s commission was.  We charge high commission too, if that is what you choose to pay.  With us, it’s your choice, you can choose the level of service that you need and want to pay for.  Just give me a call if you would like some options in real estate. 

My number is 232–7900 or email me.