Alaskans Are Summer Crazy

Alaskans do so many crazy things in the summer it’s hard to count them all.  This is a photo my son took of me on Montana Creek last week at midnight. 

Today is the longest day of the year.  Alaskans all over the state are soaking up the sun.  And there sure is a lot of sun right now.  Depending on where you are in the state you have between 20–24 hours of sunlight today.  I think it was over 80 in Palmer today, a little too much for me, I was looking for a place to escape. 

In Fairbanks they are running the Yukon 800 down the Yukon river to Galena and back.  It’s a crazy race.  The winner is often one of the few that can keep their boat in one piece on this race. 

There are midnight baseball games with no artificial lighting.  Midnight footraces, soccer games, fishing derbys and more. 

Enjoy it…soak up the sun. 

Guess what, tomorrow the days are getting shorter.