Wasilla and Palmer Wells in the Spring

Spring thaw presents a few new problems for??home owners that get their drinking water from a well.? If you haven?t tested your water yet, this may be the best time to do it.? This is just another of the challenges to owning Wasilla and Palmer Real Estate.? Actually, this is a universal issue that we often ignore.

The spring runoff can saturate the ground and bring pollutants from neighboring areas onto your own property.? If your well is in an area where surface water gathers the problem is compounded.?

It is possible that surface water can run down the outside of the well casing to the pittless adapter that is in the side of the well casing about ten feet or so below the surface.? If this pittless is not sealed tightly and it often isn?t.? The ground water can then enter your well itself.?

Think about that for a minute!? Is your well downhill from a nieghbors dog yard, or horse barn?? Even if surface water does not collect around your well, the saturated ground water can still enter your well casing or in some cases with shallow wells it may pollute the aquifer that you are using for drinking water.

Test your water this spring.