Monday Morning Market Memo, 4-16-07

This has been a very busy weekend with the Mat-Su Home Show.  Although I did not participate in the homes show with an open house, I fielded a ton of calls from curious buyers.

Some of the homes had more than 300 people per day.  A lot of them were just curious about homes but a surprising amount of people are planning to have a home built this summer.

Because of the busy weekend and my short day today I won’t have time to do the stats until late tonight or even tomorrow.  I am leaving for Chicago today and will be gone all week.  I’m taking some training to be a mediator for the Valley Board of Realtors.  I’ll write more about that later.

Jay Van Diest, will be taking care of things while I’m gone.  His cell is 232–4852.  You can still call me and leave messages.  I’ll be checking them while I’m gone.  But emails will work better.  My email is [email protected].