Deals of the Week for 4/3/07

Well, it’s the end of the day, and I just finished looking through 136 new listings or price changes for this week.  I don’t see any obvious ‘DEALS”. 

I see lots of fair deals.  Fair deals are houses priced about where they should be.  I think the market is such right now that if a house has good comparables and is able to be priced accurately it will sell if it is only $5,000 under it’s competition.  It doesn’t need to be a screaming deal to sell quickly.  It just needs to be a fair deal.

How do YOU find a “fair deal”?   Just look at enough houses to feel comfortable with the market.  Then when you see a house that meets your needs and does not seem to be way overpriced, make an offer.  Perhaps make an offer a little under the asking price and see what happens.  As long as someone else doesn’t also make an offer, the seller will usually come back with his bottom dollar. 

If the seller’s counter is a “fair deal”…take it.  You found your fair deal.

If you want someone who will help you find a fair deal and won’t push you to buy anything until you are comfortable.  Give me a call 907 232–7900.