Sell Your House…Quickly !

Let?s take another look at market statistics to see what we can learn.?

As of today there are?328 homes on the market between Sutton to Big Lake to Settlers Bay.?I took out the?brand new homes and condos.? ?Those homes range in price from $75,000 to $2.5 million.? The median price for the homes is $245,000.? But this is the most important number?these homes have been on the market for an average of 119 days.? That?s right, these homes that are on the market right now have been there for an average of?almost 4 months!?

Now lets look at the houses that have sold in the last?4 months.? Since?September in this same area?265 houses have sold.? The median sales price was $195,000.? But here it is?the houses that actually sold in the last four months were only on the market for 68 days.? So the average days on the market for houses that sell is only 68 days.?But the average house on the market right now is almost twice that.? What is the difference?

The big difference is price.? People that wanted to sell, priced their home to sell.? People that wanted to sell only if they get a certain price ended up just putting their sign on the house, and it?s been there for 4 months.? Many of them used these methods to price their home.? Obviously, this doesn?t work.?

Some homes are just so unique that it?s difficult to get a good value comparing to what is on the market.? On those few homes it is best to get a very experienced realtor to help.? Use someone you trust and work with them.? They will honestly tell you how they are arriving on a price and work with you and the market to sell your home.

But most homes in the valley can be priced close enough to the market to sell.? Of the homes that did sell in the last 4 months, the sales price was 95% or more of the asking price.? That shows that it is very important to price it within 5%? of the market.? With a good selection of inventory, buyers are not even making offers on house priced 10?15% over market price.? An experienced realtor can help you find the correct price.? You should list the house at that price and expect an offer very close to the price.

I have been selling homes full time?in the valley for 16 years.? I average more than one sale a week? Call me, I can help you find that magic number.?My cell is 232?7900, and when you call it?guess what?? It?s me that answers, not a receptionist. Or you can email me [email protected]